Pete Precise, Mr 30 day challenge.

Hi there.pete-precise

I am Pete Precise and yesterday I decided I would become a 30 day challenge serializer.

Anyone can challenge me to do a 30 day challenge, or I will just pick out challenges myself. Perhaps someone has a 10 day challenge, I’m also down with that. I just have a few rules that I will follow, because of moral or lifestyle choices I made:

  • We are well on our way as a family to early retirement, so I’m not going to do any challenges that will drastically expand our spending.
  • I’m living a healthy life. Or at least I’m trying to. So don’t come to me with some unhealthy challenges like… I don’t know… Eating 2 big macs a day?
  • I have 3 small children and a wife, to me it’s obvious that I also have some time for them every day.
  • This list is not exhaustive, but I want to improve my life by doing many 30 day challenges.

Because of my lifestyle, many of the 30 day challenges that I see posted around on the internet, I am already doing. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink coffee, I ride my bike to work every day, I take my lunch to work every day, we don’t ever watch TV (we do watch a movie now and then), etc. But surely there are plenty of challenges that I can still do. Beginning with my first challenge (ever!).

30 day challenge 1: cold showers.

I will take only cold showers for 30 days. Actually, if it turns out to be even a bit OK, I will most likely just keep doing it forever. This challenge just fits well in our life, it’s healthy and cost saving, what more can I want!

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