Cold shower challenge: day 3-5

In flames is a Swedish metal band.

I guess everyone will understand that I can’t write a full post about how I showered every single day, so I’m going to start grouping the days. I also found another very fitting (har har har) t-shirt in my cupboard that will surely help against the cold, though obviously I don’t wear t-shirts in the shower. Yes, another metal band.

Day 3-5. There are a few things I’m starting to notice, now that I’m past the first shocking days:

  • First of all: yes, I’m slowly getting used to go in, the inhale reaction is less abrupt. It’s still there but I can control it more.
  • Cold skin becomes very sensitive, at least on my belly. When I’m putting soap on my underarms with my belly¹, it’s like I can feel the individual hairs, rubbing my skin. As if the are 10 times thicker than normal.
  • Shower gel actually feels warm, in hot showers I used to actually hold it in my hands for a few seconds for “acclimatization”, before applying. Last week me was such a wuss.
  • I think I actually notice now when the water that was present all night in the internal plumbing, has been used up. It’s cold. But at night it’s under 5°C at night now, so the water that comes from the outside is still noticeably colder. Maybe it’s something in my mind, but I really have the feeling that after a minute or so, the temperature drops a bit again.
  • I still don’t look forward to it. It’s almost winter and we don’t heat the bathroom². To get this nice and hot feeling, I’m thinking I need to spend more time in the shower or get out in a hotter environment?
  • I actually think my hair is getting softer.
  • Many people think you are slightly crazy if you take cold showers, but also recognize that they are simply not bad ass enough to even try it. Actually the teenage son of one of my colleagues is also taking daily cold showers. Props!

¹ If you really need to know, I put soap on my hands and rub it more or less everywhere. Then I use the soap on my belly to put soap on my underarms.
² Actually we don’t heat the house, except for a fireplace 2 floors down for an hour or 2 in the morning, with current outside temperatures. The open stairs make the air spread through the house, but we keep our bedroom (and adjacent bathroom) doors shut. I don’t measure the temperature in the bathroom, but I think it’s more likely to be 15°C than 20°C.

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