Cold shower challenge: day 6-20

Ice bears I saw a few years back. Next time I'll join them.
Ice bears I saw a few years back. Next time I’ll join them.

I’ve been doing the cold shower challenge for 20 days now, time for an update.

First things first. Yes, I’m still taking cold showers! On many sites I hear people telling how it gets easy/nice/fun after 10 days. Well, I can tell you that it’s not the case for everyone, or not in such a strong way anyway. I still have to mentally fight myself every day for a minute while I’m standing there, under the shower head, in the morning.

I did find a better tactic to handle it, the most annoying part of getting in cold water, anywhere, is the first touch. When walking into the sea, it seems extremely cold wherever the waterline is, but not nearly so much (or not at all), at the body parts that have already been wet. So If you would watch me shower, which I will not let you, you would see that the first 10 seconds I’m frantically rubbing water all over myself. After that it does get better. When I’m all wet, it’s not so difficult to stay under really.

I also have some data! At this moment our bathroom is more or less 17°C every morning. The water is 12°C. I can tell you, that feels as cold as you can imagine. The outside morning temperature range the last 2 weeks was between 0°C-10°C. It must be such an easy challenge to do in summer, when I was already taking cool (not cold) showers just because hot water is just not nice then.

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