Cold shower challenge: epilogue

A box filled with snow to make a snow sculpture (Ekenäs, Finland, Feb 2007). Sometimes the shower was feeling like such a box, with me inside.

I could’ve also named this post “day 21-46”. That’s right, I made it royally past 30 days! I’ve written this before and think that probably in the future I will do so too for other challenges: I do not nearly notice as much (positive) change in how the challenge feels, than many/most other people who wrote about their cold shower experiences. Could be me, could be people trying too hard to write nice, positive and encouraging articles? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because of the season (the bathroom is cold, the water equally so), but it continued being a drag until I gave up. No glowing feeling, no further habituation,… I’m not sure how all those shiny happy people get the nice feelings that they describe, but I am not one of them. I do occasionally shine and I’m generally a happy person, but that has little to do with the cold shower challenge.

I did the challenge for 46 days and then I stopped, since it was not making me happy. Every morning I would be in the bed doubting whether I should already go to the bathroom. Every morning I would stand in front of the freezing water doubting whether I should already jump under. Yes it’s supposedly healthy and it is probably saving me some cents on the heating and water bill. The one consistent advantage is that it really wakes you up. These things kept me going, but eventually I was sick of feeling so bad and hesitant every morning. Especially when you don’t feel very good already, it’s really very difficult mentally to go and take a freezing shower. At day 45 I was feeling somewhat bad, physically. I wasn’t sick or so but let’s say it might’ve been creeping in. On the third day of ‘being almost sick’ I stopped. It was just all feeling too bad. Anyway I overshot my initial target by 50%, so I think I can still be proud of myself!

In the future I will probably do more cold shower streaks, but I will not start at the onset of winter, that was a bad decision on my part.

Boy, that was one negative sounding post… oh well, good to give some counterweight to all those overly positive cold shower challenge posts I guess? Anyway, let’s go for the next challenge, coming soon!