No sugar challenge: day 1

In our family, we are constantly trying to make our lives better. A big part of a good life is a healthy life and to be healthy there are 2 main factors: what you eat and how much you move.

Mmmm… sweet! (Photo by mali maeder from Pexels)

My next challenge will focus on the food part. I’m sure you’re all aware how in the modern diet we eat a lot of refined sugars. I’m already very conscious of this fact because of my habit of reading the food content labels on everything I buy. We hardly buy any processed food, but still we eat desserts. Self-made or when eating out. Whenever there’s a birthday at work, 90% of people just bring candy to hand out and I’m always the first to celebrate with them! There’s always this small guilt voice in the back of my head, but I would quickly dismiss it by saying: “I already eat healthy, how bad can it be to eat a few candies once in a while”. But when I looked back later, that was already the 2nd or 3rd birthday that week. Saturday we went to eat out and we had desserts. I also finished the desserts of the children because it would be a waste to just leave them there half eaten… I’m still eating a whole lot of sugar!

And sugar is super bad for you.

I decided to go fully sugar free for 30 days. This means not just skipping added sugars in processed foods, but also no fruits for a month. No more desserts, no more birthday treats and no more fruit! Once you read up on this a bit, it’s actually quite a no brainer.

Day 1 came and passed: no sugar… was very easy. At least the first day, luckily it’s not like the cold shower challenge where I’m forcing myself to say yes to do something unpleasant. This is psychologically more or less the opposite side of things, I have to say no to a pleasant thing. And I know from experience, I’m good at saying no. Keep it coming! Or not coming… Whatever.

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