No sugar challenge: day 16-33

You might notice from the title that again I couldnt stick with 30 days for my 30 day challenge. I sincerely apologise. The reason is that tomorrow it’s my birthday (yaaaaay!) and that I found it fitting to start eating fruit again on that merriest of merry days.

The last 2 weeks were actually not more difficult than the first 2 weeks, possibly even easier since everyone I know was up to date on my dietary status now. Just the occasional “I could NEVER EVER do that”. I don’t want to call them out and everyone lives their own life how they want to, but it’s probably not a coincidence that those people are not the most thin examples of humankind.

Yummy! Fruit! (Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels)

Anyway, this was quite an easy-peasy 30 day challenge for me and I look forward to eating fruit again tomorrow. I will take blueberry’s and apples to work as a treat.

Let’s see what I do next.

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