One meal a day challenge: day 11-29

As I was expecting, you really do get used to not eating all day. Of course you also definitely have less energy to spend as the day progresses, but it’s not that I ever felt dizzy or something like that. It’s when running or lifting things (or drilling in the ceiling to hang lamps…) that I noticed a lower energy level.

High and dry.

Last Sunday I had a nice challenge coming up. We recently moved to the 11th floor of a brand new apartment building. Because so many people are moving, the building manager decided to disable one of the two elevators, so it doesn’t get damaged. You can’t believe how inconsiderate people are… Anyway. I get home from the Zoo with the children and the other, enabled, elevator is not functioning anymore! This was definitely a challenge. Our youngest child is 3 years old, so I also had to carry him up for 8 of the 10 stairs. I can tell you this, my heart was racing and didn’t stop for quite a while and I most surely felt that I had muscles in my legs! Later that evening I suddenly remembered that I had to put the garbage out. Elevator still broken. Damn it! Being the genius that I am, I decided to run back up. I lasted for 6 floors and then I could just barely manage to walk further up. Still no dizziness, only a pure lack of force in my legs. A big thank you to Mrs. Precise for taking the cartoons out after I came back up!

By the way, did I mention that I lost weight? A month ago I was weighing 81 kg, after the 29 day fast I was down to 73 kg. A few days later, now I’m back up to 76 without eating big amounts, maybe because my intestines are more filled with food now? I didn’t have much weight to spare in the beginning, but still I managed to shave off some of my “extra’s”.

One more challenge down, neext!

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  1. I’ve read a lot of positive feedback about intermittent fasting, but I was still hesitant to try it. Though, upon reading your blog, I am now totally convince of the benefits of this diet. Thank you. I will try it, and I hope it works!! I am so tired of always feeling bloated all the time.

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