Cold shower challenge: day 2

This morning I started pumping up in bed already, I knew what was coming so it was a bit more difficult, mentally.

My viking t-shirt.
My Ensiferum (metal band) viking t-shirt.

It’s not nice, lying in a hot bed, thinking that the next thing you are going to do is quite the exact opposite. Eventually my youngest son wandered into our room, so I took that as a signal to get it on!

I started the same as day 1, with just wetting my feet, then my hands. I decided not to take the sudden plunge into the ice river today, but to gradually move in. Working up courage I moved my full legs, then arms, top of my head under the shower, one by one. Every time I put a new body part under the water, I felt this typical urge to to inhale and stop. Every time I tried to just focus on breathing, it sort of helped. Now eventually I had to go fully under of course, but I had the impression that my gradual approach worked a tad better than the big bang.

I stood under the water, making myself wet and cold everywhere, for some 2 minutes, put the water off and soaped and then rinsed myself for another 2 minutes or so. At this point, I kid you not, my ‘most sensitive parts’ started to hurt. I don’t know why, but this was my signal to get out. I think putting the window open before going in the shower was a bad decision, I didn’t get any warm feeling during or after drying myself off, it was more as if I couldn’t get myself dry.

All in all, today was a mixed experience, going in went better, but I didn’t get any nice feeling after coming out. Just cold. Remind me to close the window tomorrow morning, that cold 5°C air sure didn’t help. It’s a habit from taking hot showers, so that the bathroom is not full of steam. I guess that’s not going to be needed anymore.

So what’s this viking doing on top you might ask? Well I started wearing my viking t-shirt for moral support-to-self. I can’t imagine how a viking would have washed himself a 1000 years ago in the Scandinavian winter, but I’d like to think that they couldn’t care less when they broke through the ice and poured 0°C water over themselves.


Cold shower challenge: day 1

Today was the big day. The first day of my first challenge. It may sound a bit strange, but I was looking forward to this, in a way. Not that I envisioned enjoying the cold shower, but still. I’m going to prove myself, to myself. This has always been a big part of me, I prove to myself that if I decide something, I will do it. If I decide to put my alarm early, I get up when it sounds, no matter what. I decided to take the 30 day cold shower challenge, so I will do it, without hesitating. That’s more easily said than done of course, sitting cozy in the couch the evening before, sipping hot milk.

Waterfall on our holiday. It was such cold water that it hurt our feet after 1 minute.
A waterfall we visited during our holiday. It was such cold water that it actually hurt my feet after a minute.

In the morning I got up from our nice, hot bed to go to the shower. Hesitating came naturally. I got in the cabin, put the thermostat all the way to the coldest and opened the tap. Sweet @#&§% was that cold! Now I wasn’t going to quit obviously. My friends in high school didn’t call me a Russian Siberian experiment for nothing, people that don’t know me personally at work don’t call me “that guy that doesn’t wear sweaters” for nothing. No, I was going to beat this hands down. Well… feet down! I put one foot under. That wasn’t too bad. I mean, sure it was cold but OK, that’s just a foot, not some sensitive part. Then I put the other, one hand, another hand. At this moment I was trying to pump myself up: “it will be over before you know it, how bad can it be, it’s just some water?”. So I took one small step forward and put my head under. Then another step and there I was, standing completely under the shower head of ice-hell. Reflexively I sucked in my breath and started to move back.

No! I stayed under the water but started turning, so the water wouldn’t be at the same spot all the time. A strange feeling came to the parts of my body that got rid of the cold water. In the cold bathroom, they started to feel warm. Just for a moment though, before the ice-spewing shower head would show up again to quench that precious heat. I did this dance for a short minute before I turned off the water. I soaped myself and put the water on again. Not any longer than needed to remove every piece of foam, but I noticed that it was actually a little bit easier to keep standing under it. Maybe the shock effect was gone, since my skin was cold already?


I was happy to get out. Obviously because the torment was over, but of course also because I did it! I was very much awake now and my skin was again glowing a bit where I rubbed it dry. It’s good to end the shower session with a nice feeling. If I would be cold to the bone and shivering, it would probably be very difficult to mentally prepare myself for the next time.

1 day down, 29 to go.

Pete Precise, Mr 30 day challenge.

Hi there.pete-precise

I am Pete Precise and yesterday I decided I would become a 30 day challenge serializer.

Anyone can challenge me to do a 30 day challenge, or I will just pick out challenges myself. Perhaps someone has a 10 day challenge, I’m also down with that. I just have a few rules that I will follow, because of moral or lifestyle choices I made:

  • We are well on our way as a family to early retirement, so I’m not going to do any challenges that will drastically expand our spending.
  • I’m living a healthy life. Or at least I’m trying to. So don’t come to me with some unhealthy challenges like… I don’t know… Eating 2 big macs a day?
  • I have 3 small children and a wife, to me it’s obvious that I also have some time for them every day.
  • This list is not exhaustive, but I want to improve my life by doing many 30 day challenges.

Because of my lifestyle, many of the 30 day challenges that I see posted around on the internet, I am already doing. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink coffee, I ride my bike to work every day, I take my lunch to work every day, we don’t ever watch TV (we do watch a movie now and then), etc. But surely there are plenty of challenges that I can still do. Beginning with my first challenge (ever!).

30 day challenge 1: cold showers.

I will take only cold showers for 30 days. Actually, if it turns out to be even a bit OK, I will most likely just keep doing it forever. This challenge just fits well in our life, it’s healthy and cost saving, what more can I want!